Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Rang?

Okay, thanks for the suggestions folks... I shall now answer...

Anonymous: My best and worst personal Characteristic... Hmmmmm... I think my best personal characteristic is my ability to remain positive, when others are negative. I am pretty good and cheering people on and up. My worst personal characteristic is the ability I have to get down on my appearance... Same old same old, but I hope to one day be able to look into a mirror and like everything I see! I don’t even have to love it- just like it!

Rach: A DC adventure... I truly don’t have a ton... I mean, I worked at the Smithsonian, and nights at a bar- that proved for some quality adventures... like the time the man exposed himself to me. Yeah... So I’m working at The Sports Bar, which is just a skip down from the sister restaurant, which was a strip club. So, most of the guys would come to our bar first before going to the strip club and back to our bar after. And apparently they never got the memo that the same girls don’t work both places. So, aside from having to explain nightly that no, I would NOT be stripping tonight, I also got the experience the post-strip club Drunk Men. Said drunk men would fall over me on a nightly basis, and it all culminated in one night I man unzipped his pants, pulled out his (tiny) penis and told me to go to work. I told the manager, who explained that his buddy was just drunk. So I went to work- at a law firm instead.

Cheryl: Metaphorical pink elephant... oh... this one is hard... How about the time my roommates parents were visiting our house in college, a.k.a. "The Snatch Patch," and we were all sitting around when we noticed my roomie’s mom staring at something above our fire place mantle... And what she had feasted here eye’s upon, was a large double sided dildo that was proudly displayed in my house. Eventually the dad saw it, too, and we all sat in silence...watching a double dong, and no one bothering to explain.

Romey: What did my Barbie do... My Barbies were always in an orphanage... not sure why- it just was. And my Barbie was always a singer, wanting to make it big, but trapped in the orphanage. So they always had to run away. Oh, and my Barbies always had sex. Always. A couple would get naked and lay to one side on top of one another, while the plot continued all around them. Then Ken would leave her for another girl. My Ken was a happy doll.
Steph: I am glad that song reminds you of me... Not the pot part, of course. But those Indiana boys on those Indiana nights.... Oh yeah!

Walking: The short version is as follows... J and I met through my ex. They went to high school together and shared a mutual best friend. We started out as good friends, and eventually it grew into more. When I broke up with my ex, I pretty much already knew I wanted to be with J... For the long version read here.

Lucinda: Probably my most embarrassing moment was when I embarrassed all those around me.. I don’t easily embarrass and it takes a lot to redden my face. However, this was the worst thing I have ever said and when mentioned to this day, I get red and cringe... I was downtown at a nice hotel for my (ex) boyfriend’s fraternity formal. I should said that my ex was pretty easily embarrassed and part of our issues were that he was always nervous about what I would say. I have learned to think before I speak (most of the time) since then, but this was not an art I had perfected at this point. And we’re drunk. That needs to be said as well. Drunk. So it’s mostly the alcohol’s fault.... But anyway. So we’re sitting in the lobby area, having free drinks and there are about 6 couples. As we drink, some other couples join us- they are in their mid–thirties. We’re laughing. We’re joking. Some raunchy jokes HAD been told! And they decide to go up to their rooms... We’re saying our goodbyes and they are teasing our guys about having a "good night" (wink wink). One of our guys yells "YOU have a good night!" And then I decide it is the time to say, rather loudly, "Yeah! And put it in her pooper!!!!!" Silence. Everyone’s face went red. I wanted to die- and the older couples walked away, without even a good bye.

S.C.- Yeah... that’s why I’m posting this... plus it takes up work time.

Sass- Indiana for now... Well, I was raised here and then moved to Washington DC, and then to North Carolina, and then I came back home while my fiancé was in Iraq for the past year. Originally, when I started this blog, I thought he would be staying in the Army, so we’d be moving around. But, it seems that is not going to happen, so he is applying for jobs... We’ll probably remain in Indy, but who knows?! And I actually was talking about my beads when the pic was taken- I was in New Orleans, and had just come back from Bourbon Street! :)

C: Why am I not in Texas? Because it is way too hot there!

Casually: As far as petting on the first date goes, it all depends on the situation... You gotta read the signs... lol. Note: I hate the phrase petting- unless it’s in reference to an animal!
Thank you all for giving me ideas of things to write about... hopefully more inspiration will strike soon!

Oh! And just one more day until I roll out to NC again! I CAN’T WAIT!
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