Monday, February 27, 2006

The Baby in my Family

After my last post about Eddie I had gotten a lot of questions regarding him, how I got him, what he is exactly, etc. So I thought it was high time that everyone learned the story of how I met the Other Man in my life: Prince Edward the Black...

J and I were living in North Carolina at the time. I had been desperate for a puppy for a good lifetime (Fish were the only pets I was allowed to have as a child). J had grown up with dogs and his family dog had been put down the year before, when he came home on mid-tour from Korea. So, needless to say we were both itching to get a dog.

In Fayetteville, where we lived, there is this rescue place that always has their stuff set up with a million dogs and after being bombarded with puppies and dogs month after month, we knew it was time. Originally, we had wanted an English Bulldog. That was the plan, however, as many of you probably know they are extremely pricey. They also have short lifespans, because they have a ton of health problems. So we decided we might look into other breeds.

I suggested we pick up one of the local papers and look at the animal listings, which is how we happened upon an ad selling "Bulldog Puppies." J called the phone number and we were told that they had a litter- the dad was an English Bulldog and mom was a Boxer/American Bulldog mix. J and I talked it over and decided that we would go check it out.

We drove about an hour away from Fayetteville out into NC country to a little Tobacco Farm, so removed that J and I couldn't find it. We ended up stopping at a trailer near where we though the farm was, only to discover the person who lived there was related to our puppy sellers. She pointed us in the right direction and we were off. By the time we arrived, there were only 2 puppies left that had not been spoken for- a little girl and a little boy pup. The little girl puppy was timid and shy and when we tried to play with her, she ran the other way. Eddie was the opposite. He was crawling over the other pups to get to us. He was playful and wiley and charming. At the time his name was "Spot"- so original, I know. As J and I looked at "Spot" we knew that we were not leaving there without him.

So, that day we paid out some cash and rolled home with a 6 week old Eddie. We went directly to Petsmart and bought out the store and then took him to his new home...

And that is the story of Prince Edward the Black- his full name! :) A lot of people were surprised at the pics of my pup- mostly because I think I am a fairly feminine girl etc and Eddie is FAR from that. As I said before, I think all dogs are cute. But there is just something about having a big protective dog that I love. Sure, he's wild. Stronger than me? Absolutely. But can I go running at night with him and not worry- sure can!
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Fight Club

I don't mean to go all "Stephanie Klein" about my dog... but here goes.

Today was Eddie's first day of Doggie Day Care. Now, before you all barrage me with your mockeries of Doggie Day Care, let's talk facts... 1) I have one dog- and one dog only. 2) I have no close friends with a dog of similar size for my pup to play with. 3) people are scared of my dog because he is rather intimidating and does not always know how to play well with other. 4) My parents, whic currently watch Eddie while I work, need a break every now and then. And fianlly, 5) Doggie Day Care is pretty damn cheap.

So I figured, what the hell.

I woke Monster Dog up this morning early. He immediately grabbed my tennis shoe and took off. I tracked him down, cursed his name, and thus our morning begins as usual.

First, I have to admit, I love how smart Prince Edward the Black is. I say to him "You're going on a trip today! You're going to SCHOOL!" And somehow, in his little doggie brain, one of words registers (my guess would be "trip" or "going"), because he was at his leash ready to have it put on him and then was at the door ready to embark on his adventure.

When we got to the day care, he was pretty excited... until we opened the door. He leered in, not moving, just sniffing. I think he knew this place was not meant for him. We walk in to fakey greetings. "AW LOOK AT DA PUPPY!!!' One blond girl- probably 18 years old gushes, as she holds a chihuahua. Um, lady, I know you don't like this dog. He's huge. He's masculine. You're holding a Chihuahua. You're blond and tanned and fake boobed. You don't like my dog. And he's not a puppy- he;s over 70 lbs. Give it up.

Instead I smile. I even remark about how "cute her dog is." (Admittedly, I do find all pups cute- big, small, furry, hairless- I'm an equal opportunity animal lover). They ask who he is and I tell them it's Eddie and this is his first day. Eddie in the mean time, is completely confused. He chooses to sit beside me, trying to figure out what this place is, and what it has in store for him. A man walks in holding a miniture Yorkie. It is, obviously, cute. I smile at him and at his little pup. He looks at me, looks Eddie up and down with disdain. I saw it flash in his eyes 'Pit Bull.' He hugs his little dog a bit closer. I want to lash out. This is what I go through with my dog. First I want to scream "HE'S NOT A PIT BULL, HE'S AN AMERICAN BULLDOG." Then I want to, politely, point out that this large man with his little dog really has no room to judge me for my masculine fella... he's carrying a Yorkie... She has a leapord print collar... hello? And he's looking at ME like that. Sheesh.

ANYWAY! So, I let Eddie go back to the room and I leave, hoping he'll have fun and that this will be an enjoyable day.

I get to work.

I begin work.

Fast Forward ONE HOUR. Yes, folks, ONE. HOUR. I get the call. The call every parent dreads.

"You need to pick up your son." Er.... dog. I mean, dog...

Apparently Eddie was not getting along with some of the other dogs. They offered to keep him in a cage for the rest of the day, but that, frankly, sucks, and he could be caged at home. So I agree to go pick him up.

Now here's where it gets sketchy.

So I show up at this place and go in. I am embarrassed. I had counted on Eddie to disprove the stereotype of his appearance and breed and he did NOT do a very good job with his task. I enter and smile, apologetically.

"I'm here for Eddie." I say. The girl who checked him in this morning comes out and starts talking to me. Apparently, they just let all the dogs loose and then leave the room. The girl walked by later and saw that Eddie was "Cowering in the corner and snapping at anyone who came near him." Odd. So does not sound like my dog. So she offers to show me. We go into the room where the other dogs are, and where Eddie is sitting in a cage- detention. I want to scold him for being a bad dog, but he's super cute and dopey and excited to see me, so I hold it together. She lets him out and he is up on me. Paw on my shoulders and licking my chin. It's times like this that I love having a large and in charge monster. I smile and laugh and tell him he's a good boy. And then I turn my attention to the lady in charge. She says that he was okay with some of the dogs, but others he was very aggressive. I watch him. He's being good. He's social with some dogs. The only time I see him get even the slightest bit angry is when the Chihuahua continue to come over and BITE his leg. BITES HIM! So he snaps. I would too. It's like having a rat nip you- I'd be pretty shitty myself. And he doesn't like another dog- the Humping Dog... you know this one- he goes around trying to hump everyone... Eddie didn't like him either.


My dog doesn't like being gay humped or bit by rats.

Damn... whoda thought?!

So, now the road turns a bit more sketch. It's bad enough that they copped out and called me after an hour. But now here we go... So this girl says to me "He's awfully fear aggressive for being so young. He's not quite two... this could be a major behavioral issue."

"Well, we plan on putting him back into training as soon as we get married." I say to her, figuring this will calm her concern for my pup. It's not a lie. We DO plan on putting him back into obedience. We want to work with him more and more- because he is a great dog- but he's stubborn and strong and smart- he needs to be reigned in.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know, if you don't want him, I'll take him." She says.


"Oh, well, thank you, but I don't think we'll be getting rid of him." I say.

"Well, with behavioral issues, it's hard sometimes... so if you want to get rid of him, I'd be willing..." she continues. I cut her off.

"I'm pretty sure we won't." She nods.

"Another thing..." WARNING BEEP BEEEP SKETCHY "If you want, we could get our dogs together.... I have a Pit, and we could muzzle them both and let them fight." I must have looked confused, because Crazy continues. "That way they couldn't hurt each other, but my dog could teach him what he knows, and they could fight their agression out."

Hold up. When did I get on the road to Crazyville? Am I on Crazy Street? I think I am, ladies and gents.

"I don't think so... but thank you for all of your help." I mumble as I leave the room.

To put the icing on the cake, as I try to leave she stops me- to CHARGE me for the day.

"But he got sent home?!" I say.

"Yes, but we offered to keep him the whole day."

"IN A CAGE!" I exclaim. I realize this is a no win situation so I plop down the money and rock out of there.

"Call me if you change your mind about getting together!" Crazy calls after me.

What a morning for the Eddie. And J comes in tonight. Exciting day all around.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pay Foe

So I get into work pretty early this morning, knowing I have clients coming in for a meeting at 9:30. This way I have a nice relaxing prep for the meeting- organizing, drinking my Pepsi One (you drink coffee- I drink diet sodas), checking emails, surveying the left overs from the work day before... You get the idea.

That was the plan.

Then I check my email. And I have this odd email from Paypal, saying that my payment has been sent to this random men's watch company.

Cue old school Tim the Tool-man Taylor growl of "Arrrgh?"

Because I surely know that I did not purchase a watch, nor have I used paypal in probably 6 months. And had been using Paypal it would have been on the fake Louis Vitton purse I have been eying... so cute... so realistic looking.... so admittedly ridiculous.

So then, of course, I am a bit concerned. Especially because I currently have 50 bucks in my checking account (worry not, team, payday is tomorrow). At the bottom of this email it says "if you wish to dispute this charge click here". Accordingly, I click.

A new pop up comes up and asks me to fill in my information, which I begin to do. Then I realize they are asking me to give them my debit card number

and the expiration date

and the code on the back

and my ATM pin number.--- you know, for security purposes... riiiiiiight.

This seems sketchy to me.

So, I do what any independent female does...

I called my significant other.

Note: J is sick- very sick- ugly sick. And it's 8:30 in the morning on a day which he does not have to work... oops!

A big brown bear who we'll call "J" answers the phone. He sounds awful. He sound tired. He sound confused as to why I would wake him from this hybernation.

"I know you're sick and asleep, but I need to ask you a question and you need to wake up and help me." I say this in one breath. That's how you know this is serious. I talk really fast when I'm serious. And when I'm drunk. Only it's 8:30 am, so obviously I'm not drunk. That leaves one option: Serious Business.

"What's up baby?" growls BBB (big brown bear- keep up folks). I explain the situation and ask if I should give this pop up window my info. Suddenly BBB is gone and Cap. J, the officer in the United States Army is awake, alert and at attention. "NO! It's a scam!" he then proceeds to tell me to call Paypal and report these people.

I do.

It was a scam. J/BBB was right (again).

It wasted a good 45 minutes of my morning where I should have been blogging/emailing/talking/sipping Pepsi One.

The moral of the story is...

Kellie is an internet and computer idiot.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The One Where Kellie Almost Passes Out

Finally sat down with the Boss.

Told him of the probable movings of J and myself.

Almost passed out.

Didn't cry.

No one yelled.

Pleasant talk.

I'm still alive and feel honest again.
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Foggy Morning and Sick Puppies

This morning is full of fog.

I went to bed rather early last night, only to wake up even groggier than normal... hate that! However, two diet cokes later I am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for my day.

My plan of sitting down with the boss this morning backfired again, when one of my co-workers could not come in and has court today. Suddenly my schedule is full and we're all running here and there with little interaction. I saw the Boss for about 5 minutes, 4 and a half of which he was on a call, and the other thirty seconds he was going over the plan for the day while walking out the door. A "Goodbye Kiddo" (which may sound insulting, but somehow is endearing) and away he was, leaving me and my good intentioned requests for a meeting in the dust. This afternoon it has to happen- although I don't know where I will get the time to have said meeting. I just need an extra hour in my afternoon today- that would help out a lot.

My mother surprised me a few minutes ago with flowers. She's off work and dropped by with Lilies and Belles of ireland. So now my office is fragrant and beautiful- with leftover flowers from Valentine's and now these. :)

Eddie was sick last night. He was pathetic. Whiney and mopey, however, at the same time, a lot more cuddly and affectionate than I am used to- I liked it! I'm embarrassed to say how trained HE has ME- and, frankly, when he sees me he automatically thinks three things: presents, playtime, and treats. I used to come home virtually every day with a bag of goodies for him. A toy, or cookies or a new jacket (although now he is too big and none of the jacket's fit his broad chest). It made it hells when I actually went shopping for me- I would walk in my house and be barraged- me trying to keep the bag away and him certain that it contained a present for him. So I had to stop all of that. I couldn't help but feel bad for him yesterday. He'd gone to the vet to get groomed, and while there I got him micro chipped. They say it doens't hurt- but it's a pretty big needle.

And I know my dog- and he was NOT pleased last night.

Good thing he's not spoiled...

nope... not at all... :)
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winter Chunk

So, after having not hit the gym in (cue blushing) approximately 3 weeks.


I am a lazy POS.

So I head out today on my "lunch" hour, wanting desperately to grab some Thai food, rather than work out and eat the Lean Cuisine that I brought today. I somehow manage to steer myself in the right direction with the thought that I am going to dinner with my mother tonight (although that certainly means salad all around- sigh), so I don't need to eat out for two meals in one day.

The. gym. kicked. my. ass.

I ran one mile and it felt like death was knocking on my door. It's possible that I am exaggerating, but whatever. So then I gave up running and decided that biking 10 miles was more my style today. Much better.

The wedding is coming up so fast I can barely believe it. The pressure to be thin and beautiful is equally as unbelievable and I wonder why I can't seem to take off the extra 5 lbs I have put on. I hate winter. Correction. I hate not being active, and around here life tends to shut down in the wintertime. Plus there always seems to be more to eat. Candies, cookies, baked goods. My guard against these enemies is pretty much nonexistant, so they tend to win the battle between November to February. Summer is great- full of fruits and playing with my dog. Swimming and dancing, cookouts with chicken breasts and grilled veggies- summer is easy.

Maybe a spring wedding was not such a great idea afterall?!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Monday, February 13, 2006

Update and Fun Pics

So I had a really relaxed and calm weekend. Much needed. And I slept more and better than I have in the past few weeks, which is amazing.

I go back to the doctor today, so keep some good thoughts coming my way and hope that my heart has decided to stop with it's mumuring.

J is at a hiring conference today and tomorrow. I know he will do amazing. He is extremely intelligent and articulate- and his ability to talk to anyone is one of his best qualities. I can't wait to hear how things go- send him some good thoughts as well! :)

I hope all of you have had enjoyable weekends... and until I have something more exciting to write about I leave you with some pictures to enjoy from my bachelorette party with my girls from college...

Lizzie and I continue to drink- even though we are obviously drunk...

Lee and Liz steal my giant penis...

MY BACHELORETTE PARTY--- we are dancing on the stage- it's true... I look like I weigh 500 pounds because I am covered in the crap they made me wear... but it's a great pic...

I hope you've enjoyed this episode of drunk. Stayed tuned. There will be more.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

T to the GIF

Well, thank you to everyone who gave me such supportive and uplifting advice from my last post. I apologize, as always, for my delay... I have been sick all week, and am still not feeling up to par. And to top it all off, the doctor says I have a heart murmur, which is apparently not that big of a deal, but still... So I need to have an EKG.

Ugh. What a week.

TGIF, team. TGIF.
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Friday, February 03, 2006


Last night I got together with my girlfriends for our weekly meeting. We meet under the guise of watching to OC, which we, of course do (it was substantially better last night), but the most important part is being able to catch up and to laugh. And the wine... There's always that, too.

Last night was great. Learned of a friend's pregnancy (twins- holy crap), laughed a lot, made dinner with Mandi and fell in love with carbs all over again, and picked up some bridesmaid dresses (Super cute!). It was time well spent- and I love nights like those.

J is prepping for job interviews up in Chicago. It makes me nervous and excited all at once. Like the butterflies in my stomach are drunk, but that "I might puke drunk"- not a horrible feeling, because hey- you're drunk, but still... Not entirely comfortable. I want him to get an amazing job, but the thought of having to leave mine for a move- terrifying. Mostly because I hate disappointing people, and my leaving would be a huge disappointment. I am the queen of confrontation when I have nothing invested, or when I'm angry, but other than that- when it's going to hurt- it dread it.

The bigger question becomes what do I do if we, in the end, have to move. My friend, Hanna, and I had this conversation last night. She is facing a potential move and everyone in her life is encouraging her to write... Full time. Such an exciting possibility, but, in the same way, scary. Depending on your skill, and others objective opinion of it, is frightening. I felt the same way when I was working as an actress. I was working, which makes me lucky, but knowing that I could very well be out of work for quite awhile burst my balloon and brought me back down to reality rather quickly.

I want to do so many things... I'd like to go back to school. I want to write. I'd like to teach. I want to sing. I want to be an incredible wife and an even more amazing mother. I want to make a difference- an impact- a mark. Sometimes I wonder if a move would be my kick in the ass. Perhaps I need a wake-up call to jolt me out of my comfort zone and make me take some risks.

I'm envious of those to choose to do so: the people among us who follow their desires, no matter how difficult a road it may seem. The only thing I am sure of right now is that I know no matter what path I may decide ultimately to follow, I will have the best support and company in my husband. And that should make the choices easier.

Or, at the very least, a bit more fun.
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