Monday, February 27, 2006

The Baby in my Family

After my last post about Eddie I had gotten a lot of questions regarding him, how I got him, what he is exactly, etc. So I thought it was high time that everyone learned the story of how I met the Other Man in my life: Prince Edward the Black...

J and I were living in North Carolina at the time. I had been desperate for a puppy for a good lifetime (Fish were the only pets I was allowed to have as a child). J had grown up with dogs and his family dog had been put down the year before, when he came home on mid-tour from Korea. So, needless to say we were both itching to get a dog.

In Fayetteville, where we lived, there is this rescue place that always has their stuff set up with a million dogs and after being bombarded with puppies and dogs month after month, we knew it was time. Originally, we had wanted an English Bulldog. That was the plan, however, as many of you probably know they are extremely pricey. They also have short lifespans, because they have a ton of health problems. So we decided we might look into other breeds.

I suggested we pick up one of the local papers and look at the animal listings, which is how we happened upon an ad selling "Bulldog Puppies." J called the phone number and we were told that they had a litter- the dad was an English Bulldog and mom was a Boxer/American Bulldog mix. J and I talked it over and decided that we would go check it out.

We drove about an hour away from Fayetteville out into NC country to a little Tobacco Farm, so removed that J and I couldn't find it. We ended up stopping at a trailer near where we though the farm was, only to discover the person who lived there was related to our puppy sellers. She pointed us in the right direction and we were off. By the time we arrived, there were only 2 puppies left that had not been spoken for- a little girl and a little boy pup. The little girl puppy was timid and shy and when we tried to play with her, she ran the other way. Eddie was the opposite. He was crawling over the other pups to get to us. He was playful and wiley and charming. At the time his name was "Spot"- so original, I know. As J and I looked at "Spot" we knew that we were not leaving there without him.

So, that day we paid out some cash and rolled home with a 6 week old Eddie. We went directly to Petsmart and bought out the store and then took him to his new home...

And that is the story of Prince Edward the Black- his full name! :) A lot of people were surprised at the pics of my pup- mostly because I think I am a fairly feminine girl etc and Eddie is FAR from that. As I said before, I think all dogs are cute. But there is just something about having a big protective dog that I love. Sure, he's wild. Stronger than me? Absolutely. But can I go running at night with him and not worry- sure can!
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