Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pay Foe

So I get into work pretty early this morning, knowing I have clients coming in for a meeting at 9:30. This way I have a nice relaxing prep for the meeting- organizing, drinking my Pepsi One (you drink coffee- I drink diet sodas), checking emails, surveying the left overs from the work day before... You get the idea.

That was the plan.

Then I check my email. And I have this odd email from Paypal, saying that my payment has been sent to this random men's watch company.

Cue old school Tim the Tool-man Taylor growl of "Arrrgh?"

Because I surely know that I did not purchase a watch, nor have I used paypal in probably 6 months. And had been using Paypal it would have been on the fake Louis Vitton purse I have been eying... so cute... so realistic looking.... so admittedly ridiculous.

So then, of course, I am a bit concerned. Especially because I currently have 50 bucks in my checking account (worry not, team, payday is tomorrow). At the bottom of this email it says "if you wish to dispute this charge click here". Accordingly, I click.

A new pop up comes up and asks me to fill in my information, which I begin to do. Then I realize they are asking me to give them my debit card number

and the expiration date

and the code on the back

and my ATM pin number.--- you know, for security purposes... riiiiiiight.

This seems sketchy to me.

So, I do what any independent female does...

I called my significant other.

Note: J is sick- very sick- ugly sick. And it's 8:30 in the morning on a day which he does not have to work... oops!

A big brown bear who we'll call "J" answers the phone. He sounds awful. He sound tired. He sound confused as to why I would wake him from this hybernation.

"I know you're sick and asleep, but I need to ask you a question and you need to wake up and help me." I say this in one breath. That's how you know this is serious. I talk really fast when I'm serious. And when I'm drunk. Only it's 8:30 am, so obviously I'm not drunk. That leaves one option: Serious Business.

"What's up baby?" growls BBB (big brown bear- keep up folks). I explain the situation and ask if I should give this pop up window my info. Suddenly BBB is gone and Cap. J, the officer in the United States Army is awake, alert and at attention. "NO! It's a scam!" he then proceeds to tell me to call Paypal and report these people.

I do.

It was a scam. J/BBB was right (again).

It wasted a good 45 minutes of my morning where I should have been blogging/emailing/talking/sipping Pepsi One.

The moral of the story is...

Kellie is an internet and computer idiot.
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