Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winter Chunk

So, after having not hit the gym in (cue blushing) approximately 3 weeks.


I am a lazy POS.

So I head out today on my "lunch" hour, wanting desperately to grab some Thai food, rather than work out and eat the Lean Cuisine that I brought today. I somehow manage to steer myself in the right direction with the thought that I am going to dinner with my mother tonight (although that certainly means salad all around- sigh), so I don't need to eat out for two meals in one day.

The. gym. kicked. my. ass.

I ran one mile and it felt like death was knocking on my door. It's possible that I am exaggerating, but whatever. So then I gave up running and decided that biking 10 miles was more my style today. Much better.

The wedding is coming up so fast I can barely believe it. The pressure to be thin and beautiful is equally as unbelievable and I wonder why I can't seem to take off the extra 5 lbs I have put on. I hate winter. Correction. I hate not being active, and around here life tends to shut down in the wintertime. Plus there always seems to be more to eat. Candies, cookies, baked goods. My guard against these enemies is pretty much nonexistant, so they tend to win the battle between November to February. Summer is great- full of fruits and playing with my dog. Swimming and dancing, cookouts with chicken breasts and grilled veggies- summer is easy.

Maybe a spring wedding was not such a great idea afterall?!
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