Monday, March 20, 2006

The Life of Me

I feel like a broken record...

"Sorry I haven't updated"
"Life has been so crazy"
"I promise to get better"

blah. blah. blah.

Apologies either way. I sort of dropped off the face of the blogging planet for a bit, but I vow to try to hop back on. The last few weeks have been spent flying back and forth from North Carolina to Indiana, doing more wedding prep than I ever though I'd need to do, trying to lose the extra five pounds before the wedding and, subsequently, the honeymoon. My eyes have been broken out, my stomach in knots, my J stressed to the max and my body bloated on what seems like a daily basis.

And despite all of this- life is getting better by the minute. I have managed to be less stressed about the wedding than I ever anticipated. I am filled to the max with excitement- eager to begin our future together. J is still job hunting, which is the main stresser at this point. He is finally here with me in Indy, as well, which makes my world filled with happiness, despite his lack of job frustrations.

I started writing a new "book" on a plane the other day. I quote it because I tend to do very well at starting, but not so great at ending. I've needed to be inspired, needed time to write, needed an idea. I've made a million excuses of why I'm not writing as much as I say I'd like to. Too tired, too bored, too drained, too much tv, too everything and nothing all at once. I've made the decision to "force" myself to write, even if it's crap, and I know it's crap. Maybe it will be crap I can work on. Who knows?

So that's my life, all. It's busy and wonderful and crazy all wrapped into a package of me. How are YOU?
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