Friday, May 12, 2006

Love It...

The scene: Our bed in our bedroom. Lights out. The decision is being made... sleep... or otherwise...

The setup: I, as per always, have just told an incredibly long (I lack the ability to tell stories in a concise manner) story have realized that it is without humor or, moreso, point. There is a long silence as both husband and I realize this. I step in to save the moment and my story:

Me: ... And then I found blood in my stool.

J: GROSS. (rolls over).

I curl up behind him.

Me: What?! You used to laugh when I ended with "and then I found blood in my stool." You thought it was cute.

J: No, I felt awkward, so I laughed. I think YOU'RE cute. That's disgusting.

Me: hhhmmph. (We curl up and there is silence.)

Five minutes later...

Me: OTHER people think it's funny. They laugh a lot. TONS O LAUGHTER.

J: They feel awkward, too.

Me: For real?

J: For real.

Me: Oh. Check.

Who knew people thought that was gross?

Needless to say, we didn't have sex.
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