Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mapquest and Me

So, as I prepare for my day, I'd just like to reflect on how much I love Mapquest.

Sure, we've been through a few tough times... I've been steered wrong a time or two, and, on more than one occasion, cursed the gods that invented said quest for said map. However, more often than not, I end up at my final destination with little or no trouble.

Gone are my days of asking directions from people. Gone are my days of asking "Which direction is North? Right or Left?" (but seriously people- you KNOW which way you want me to turn- stop trying to sound superior. Sheesh). Gone are the questions of how much time to allow on the road.

Aw Mapquest. What a guy. Or girl. Whatever- you get my point.

So here's to hoping my directions for the day are good ones. And here's to hoping my grad school interview rocks out and I wow them with my beauty and my wit. Mostly just my wit- I doubt they care much about my beauty.

Adios- more to follow- Keep those fingers crossed. :)
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