Monday, June 19, 2006


So, I have pretty much sucked at the whole posting thing. Apologies to all. Not sure exactly why I have been such an anti-blogger lately. Part of it is that I don't always know that I have a lot to say. And the other part is that when I do think of things to write I am usually in my car or elsewhere etc...

I had a great weekend in Indy for Elizabeth's party! Being out at the bars is very different when sober... this is something I found to be true! But seeing the girls was amazing and reminded me of these amazing friends.

Home is good. The J is working a lot and the dog is wild. We're (and by "we" I mean HE) is thinking about another one. So... we'll see! :) It's like the prelude to children. I know this. I accept it. I'm okay with it.

At this moment the dog seems to be giving the hubs some trouble... so I better jet...

more tomorrow.

Love to all! I miss you!
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