Friday, June 09, 2006

Word Vomit

I feel restless.

I am sitting in our office drinking a diet cherry coke, eating sour patch kids, waiting on a call about a job I'm probably not qualified for... And I feel restless. I've watched Carrie get back into bed with Big, my dog crap grass and the clock tick away minutes and then hours.

I want to write, but subject matter floats through my head better when I'm in my car than sitting in front of my laptop.

I stood in front of the card section in Walgreens for half an hour, desperate for a card for a bachelorette party. I settled on one that should make Elizabeth laugh- we'll see.

I'm going out tomorrow night in Indy with my girlfriends from the city. It will be my first big test of my sobriety. Beautiful women dressed to the nines. Usually it takes a drink or two to get my confidence level boosted. I hate that I'm eating sour patch kids when I know tomorrow I will be cursing the gods for this, while trying to squeeze into my I-wish-these-were-a-size-larger jeans. But oh well.

I have a new top from H&M I may pull out for the evening. Too much money, but adorable and trendy and totally comfy. Jeans, of course. Fancy tops and torn up jeans. This is our fashion. Cute shoes that I paid way too much for but just had to have.

But again the question plagues me...

Why am I so restless?
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