Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Ghost Blogger

I know, I know I know...

Where did she go?
Has she passed through?
Has something, gulp, horrible happened?
Is she sick?
Is she... ALIVE?!

Yes, indeed, folks. Here she is. Alive. Breathing. Blood Pumping and now, shockingly...


Holy crap!

So here I am. Living and loving in Indiana and sucking at my beloved blog. It's not for lack of material. I have a new job, a new religion and am still adjusting to being married to the J.

The new job came about pretty randomly via a neighbor. Again with the law firm and again liking the work. Again thinking about law school and again dreading the costs. School here in the Fort was a bit out of my price range and a little unecessary. So back to work I am.

As my regulars can remember I, the Kellie, tended to hate me some church in the past. I was bored, I was annoyed and I didn't believe what I was being told. I couldn't jump on any band wagon to heaven thinking that I was going to leave so many I love alone in the fires of hell- as I had been taught for years. Upon moving, I ventured into a new world...


I know it seems random, but I have found a place where my beliefs are valued and I actually enjoy worship. I've been going to Mass every week since I moved and love it. I am beginning my RCIA classes to learn more and, most probably, eventually become Catholic. It's a surprising turn of events, but one I am more pleased with than I could have anticipated. I had been keeping on the hush, as so many people in my life had an adverse reaction when I mentioned the words Mass, Priest and Catholics. But now I'm putting it out there. I'll say it. I love God.

Get off me.

Marriage is effecting me every day. The knowledge that I get to go home each night to an amazing partner fulfills me more than I could have anticipated. The adjustments are still happening, but for the most part, we're in sinc with each other and just able to enjoy being each other's better half.

Who am I kidding? We all know I'm his better half.


So that's my life, team. Please keep reading and I promise to write.

Oh. And one more thing.

I recently slept in a tent. On the ground. With bugs. And even though it aws in my backyard, I'll say I went camping. And I lasted the whole night.

Adjustments... I'll say!
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