Friday, July 28, 2006

What a Boy Wants

Without going into geat detail, as to protect the parties involved (and by parties involved I do mean, my ass), there is something I want to discuss.

Why do men fall for dumb girls?

Correction. Why do smart men fall for dumb girls?

Is it the fact that they can control them? That the Dumbs hang on every word they say? Think that they are soooooooo smart? Follow along with boobs pushed out and minds closed, allowing the Man to lead?

I don't get it.

I've recently watched a new relationship bloom. The cast- two people. You guessed it- a Smart Man. Funny. Smart. Sharp. Good looking. All in all, what I would label as "a catch." His counterpart... less so. Cute. Great bod. But all things added together... just another cute girl. Not even hot. I mean, come on.

It's not the first time I have witnessed such a dynamic. And I'll say it, it pisses me off! Why does it seem that men in power seem to want a woman who is weak? I know I am generalizing right now, but come on! Why don't more men want a partner?

I mean a true partner. One that can connect with them in ways that, gulp, don't involve their penis? A woman that will argue with them, speak her mind, and tell them when they are full of it.

I know they are out there... trust me. I married one.

But I guess the question of the day is...

what's up with that?
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