Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love One Another

Lately, I have had a lot of conversations about religion and my recent change of heart and faith. I know everyone says that they are things that you should just not discuss… religion and politics. I find myself open to discussing both. I like debates. I like hearing other people’s points of view and why they feel the way they do. Each of us has a history that has brought us to where we are. Each one of us has a back story that has molded the person we have grown into. Rather than writing others off, I’d rather hear where they’re coming from- even when I don’t agree. I may never agree and I may never be able to understand why they believe what they may, but at least I can respect why they have taken their stance.

I realized yesterday how very open-minded I have remained, even in this religious epiphany I have experienced. I will always respect and find elements of truth in all religions. There is something we can take from each and every religion, denomination and belief. We are all made in the image of our Maker. And whether or not you believe in Jesus as the Son of God, or the Messiah, or a Prophet, or a fictional character the Bible made up… He spread the message to love one another. The Golden Rule and everything else. I would happily attend another Islamic service at a Mosque. I’ve told my husband I would support him if he ever chose to venture into Judaism. Eastern Religions resonate within my soul. I feel that I’m so open and it just so happens that I’ve found something within Catholicism that feel right.

So why do I feel that the same courtesy I extend to others is not necessary extended to me?

I look into the eyes of other people when I describe my views and I see emptiness there. A vague recollection that I am speaking and the words I speak are English, but it sits there at the front their eyes- unable, or unwilling, to sink in. Others seem different. It’s almost a smugness. That “She-thinks-she-knows-the-truth-but-really-she’s-wrong” look, when I discuss my views. That very attitude that turns so many away from religion and from Christianity most specifically.

Now, without making my blog a place to fight to death over Jesus and the Way to Heaven etc…

I want to ask people who give me that look this… What makes you so sure that Christians are the only ones who have it “right?” What makes your DENOMINATION of Christianity the “way” to God? It’s a little presumptuous to assume that only you and your itty bitty sector of Christianity are making into those pearly gates. That hell is full of the gays and the Jews and the Muslims and Ghandi and Muhammad.

My point is, none of knows what will happen when we die. We take our beliefs on faith, which is why it’s so hard to believe at times anyway. We hope we’re on the right path and we try to lead a good life. But, if you believe in heaven and hell and God, only God will decide who goes to heaven and who to hell, and maybe even a few to Purgatory. I think it’s wonderful to have a strong faith and a strong connection to God. I think it’s great to find a religion that moves your soul. But I don’t understand the need and desire to discount others, who have found the same thing as you, maybe just in a different place. It’s like that inherent need to cut other people down. To judge when none of us can judge. There’s not one person who has not effed up completely on multiple occasions. And all of us have been lost from time to time. The point is, when we finally are “found” it may be in a different way than another person. But that’s okay. Because the most important thing is that we found peace in ourselves and with whatever we believe.

And that’s what I think about that.
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