Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ramble on....

So, here I am all moved into my new office… mostly. I forgot pictures again, which I need to make it truly feel like home. The large painting I stare directly at all day is ugly. It’s a barn. Blech. I was told I could change it out if I want to… but it’s not like I have a lot of large painting lying around! I was thinking about going out and buying something. We’ll see…

The changes in our firm seem to be calming down. We will see. My secretary moved to her desk, just outside of my office yesterday. She’s been with the firm for about 6 months and I am thankful I have someone who knows what she’s doing, as I tend to be completely confused most of the time!

Part of my wonders what I am like to work for… I think it probably depends on the day, just like anyone. When I am busy and stressed I tend to withdraw from everyone, focused completely on my work and getting to the finish line. I realized yesterday that sometimes I get short with people when I am in “the mode”. I blew off someone who came to me with a question about one of my cases, because it didn’t fit my schedule of what I needed to get done. Afterward I went out to her desk and talked to her about the case. I actually learned some things I could do to make other people’s lives easier. Had I stopped being so selfish in the first place, then perhaps I may have learned this lesson earlier. Always something to think about. I need to open my eyes and ears more often and worry less about myself.

The point in, I hope I am okay to work for and with.

Today is a Holy Day of Obligation. I have mass at 6:30 and RCIA directly following that. I am excited. I enjoy my classes and the people I am meeting through St. Jude. This past Sunday I actually ran into people I know. And who knew me! I was greeting on my way into the church by name. It was a nice feeling.

Well. This post is sort of rambling and worthless. But oh well! Hope you all are having a good day!
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