Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stress, Baby, Stress...

I am not sure if I ought to write about this. Or if my blog is the right place to do so.

Pedictably: I post.

The last 5 morning have been the same. Wake up. Throw up. Shower. Throw up. Don't eat breakfast because everything in my kitchen makes me want to... you guessed it! Throw. Up. Finally by the afternoon, my stomach is re-settled and ready for action. I'm having heartburn.

I've never had heartburn.

Today my stomach was cramping. Reasons are unknown.

Part of me wonders if the stress over my new position is causing my body to revolt. The confusion of my job, the demands of my clients, my lack of a secretary (which is taken care of starting next week- thank goodness), and the general confusion that comes along with a new firm and new people. Husband J seems to think this is the issue.

I hope so.

Another part of me wonders...

J and I would like to wait to have a baby. Not that we don't both love children. We do. I love them desperately. But waiting until he finishes his MBA or at least just giving us a few years together would be ideal.

But I still wonder...
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