Thursday, September 14, 2006


Sometimes I wonder if opposing counsel understand what "unduly burdensome" means!

I am fuming today.

Sorry I only use my blog to vent, as of late. More later... when I'm not working from dawn until dusk...

... or sick....

.... or annoyed....


Note: Life is really fine, just work has boiled over into this steaming pot of stress.

However, I am getting along with my cohorts more and more each day and no longer think everyone hates me! :)

J and I also had a great night last night.. even though he has been sick the past week, we still managed to have a weekday date. I put away my work at 5:00, which has been unheard of for the last 2 weeks. (note: I was up and at em at 6:00am that day) and breezed out of my office, determined to leave work behind for the night and enjoy my evening with my husband. Took him to the doc, grabbed Chinese after and rented a movie OnDemand. The weather outside is turning into perfection. I only hope that I can allow myself to enjoy it and not get so bogged down with work.

It feels like no matter how hard I try to stay caught up and on top of everything, I simply cannot. With one atty out and new hires all over the office, everyone is pushed to their max. I know this. But it is frustrating to have the knowledge that no matter how many hours I put in in a work day, I am never caught up. So, I'm a bit like a duck... looking calm above the water, but treading like hell underneath.

this weekend should be a good one though....
Indy for the night to drop off the pup with my parentals. Meeting J's parents Saturday morning for skydiving, then camping for the night. J's Godfather's 50th b-day is this weekend, so we head to a party Sunday morning/afternoon before rocketing in the car and driving home (with a pitstop for food and doggie-pick-up)

and then...

back to the grind!

How are YOU?!
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