Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Nothing has the ability to stop my heart quite like the voicemail I received Sunday.

I had been at church and then driven to meet the hubs for a quick lunch and then back home to relax. I don't know when I missed the call- just that I had missed it. As I picked up the phone to see who had called, I saw my friend Katie's name. I smiled and shut the phone, continuing to clean up my house. I didn't even listen to the voicemail. I had received a late night "drunk dial" as did my grandmother (Delete old numbers people!) and I assumed it was a "sorry we drunk dialed your grandma- call me" voicemail. After sufficiently cleaning up my kitchen, I listened to the message.

"Kellie, I need you to call me as soon as you get this. I have sad news. Call me."


Bad news? No. Sad news. There is a difference. Bad news is that our favorite college karaoke bar has shut down. Or that the dry cleaners ruined my clothes. Or that the restaurant is out of crab cakes. That's bad news.

Sad news... a whole different ball game.

I called her back immediately, only to be greeted by voicemail. Damn! She must be on the other line... I waited as patiently as I could before calling back exactly 3 minutes later. After a few rings she picked up and delivered the truly sad news.

Our friend Nick had died on Saturday. 28 years old. Originally they thought it was a heart attack, but last I heard he had an aneurysm.

Nick and I were not best friends. I had not even spoken to him since his graduation from college. But I still have the memories: I had the pleasure of being in multiple shows with him, traveling to NYC together and performing there. Living in the West Side YMCA with the rest of the cast and exploring the city. Black sweatpants, a t-shirt and a flannel. Orpheus in the Underworld and him on his damn scooter. Home made murder mystery movies.

He was this incredible talent, wrapped into this lanky man with a mop of dark hair and huge eyes. He was almost always smiling.

Despite all of the interaction, there will always be a part of me that never knew Nick. I never really knew what hid behind his eyes and his smile. In a way, he felt shy- reserved. I sensed that he was always thinking and that turned off when he got the perform. He was a natural. A talent. The definition of triple threat.

Life has been such a roller coaster lately. My grandfather is having his 3rd go round with cancer and is having surgery this week. I drank at the wedding a few weeks ago. I feel a little empty inside as it is, and now I feel reminded all over again how short life is.

This probably should be a reminder of Carpe Diem and all of that.

But today it's raining outside, and that feels more right than anything.
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