Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Gallery

According to my friend’s myspace page (shut up- you know you love myspace, too) Robert Brown once said “I'm drawn toward big, passionate, messy works, messy emotions, messy people, messy lives."

That resonates with me. In my soul. I find a truth in it- one that I can’t quite place, but rings true nonetheless. I’m attracted to the abstract… works of art that make people say “I could do that” (to which I always want to say- “then do it”). Bright colors, shapes, ambiguous figures mingling together until it becomes a true Work of Art.

I’m messy. Not only physically (my desk as four glasses on it as I write this), but emotionally. I overreact. I cry. I yell. I laugh until I cry again. I feel emotions down to my core and I express those feelings 110% of the time. Holding in is long gone- out with the now and in with the new. I think I drive J crazy half of the time with my spontaneous craziness, yet, I’m fairly certain that part of him enjoys it. I sing at the top of my lungs. I sit in the front for mass, letting the music and the spirit fill me. It’s just me.

I feel a bit like I am a Work of Art- In Progress. Abstract brushstrokes meshing together. Sometimes it seems to come together beautifully. Other times my canvas is wiped clean and it begins again. The stain of the previous work remains underneath, providing the foundation for the work of art that is Me. I’m aware that not everyone may like it. Being me might seem easy to some (see above: “I could do that.”). And sometimes it is. Other times it sucks. Just like my painting.

But, I also know that there are people who embrace the Art of Me and would hang it on their wall. Just like I’d hang them on mine. These are my friends, my family, my husband and my support system. My Gallery of Amazing People.

They’re the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. I’ll let you know when my piece is finished.

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