Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Legally.. Red

So, I am still waiting to hear back from four schools. Thus far, I have been accepted to three and got a big fat NO from one, which was frankly, not surprising, as it was a bit of a reach anyway.

I find myself eagerly anticipating getting the mail everyday, hoping to find these last four answers. I really don't care if they are yes or no, I just wanted to get them all in so that I can make my decision! So far I am unsure.

I visit a school on Friday with the hubs and hopefully will be visiting his alma mater shortly following. Part of me likes that idea... J knows the area, the faculty, etc, so it might be nice to in a more familiar territory, at least for one of us. Plus, the idea of going to a Catholic school appeals to me. A lot. To have a base of faith around me and opportunities to participate in my faith, while still in school, is exciting.

So we'll see.

I'll let you all know once I do!

I told my firm that my last day will be May 31, 2007. Or maybe June 1, just to end on a Friday. We'll be moving, vacationing, schooling so soon- I can hardly wait!

We have also decided on our vacation for the year. We are taking the train into West Glacier National Park in MT. Then we will be hiking the Continental Divide, into Canada. After 4-5 days of backpacking we should reach our hotel (Prince of Wales) where we will stay/horseback ride/fish/eat/shop for a few more days before boarding a bus to take us back to the train station.

I can't wait. It should be beautiful. And I think there is pretty much only one mountain we'll have to take on.

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband for planning amazing trips like this?

Yeah. I'm happy.


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