Monday, January 22, 2007

Too much to ask?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a diabetic.

Or have asthma.

Or glasses.

I actually wrapped a scarf around my arm one day on the school bus (away from my parent's watchful eye, of course) and told everyone I had a sprained arm and it had to be in a sling. My teacher made me take it off and I hated her for ruining my big attention filled day.

As I grew up, I can list the millions of things I wanted to be: thin, popular, funnier, athletic, beautiful, famous, successful, a wife, a mother, the list goes on and on.

Right now I'd settle for a letter in the mail from a law school. Preferably one saying YES we want YOU to come HERE! And maybe even an addendum involving monetary offerings. That would be nice.

I also want my back to stop hurting. I pulled it somehow while cleaning my house and shoveling snow. How embarrassing.

I, admittedly, don't clean enough.

Oh, there's another. Cleaner. I wish I were cleaner. More like my grandma or my mother-in-law who's homes always look perfect. Mine tends to look like a vomited clothes/books/pens/papers/mail everywhere. I'd like the change that. Not sure if I can, because I've tried for years and yet... still messy. I like the look of a clean house. I just lack the patience to keep it that way, I guess.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me that if I would just put things back where they go (a.k.a hang my clothes up after I try them on, rather than letting them pile into an expensive heap of mess in the corner/on the bed/over the chair). I know this is true. And yes. Currently my tank top and sleep pants I wore last night are slung over the back of the toilet. My shoes are sitting on top of my dresser. I could blame it on the fact that was running out the door to my office... but.... it's only half true.

Oh! There's another one! I wish I would wake up earlier. Get up the first time my alarm goes off and have a nice relaxing morning. Coffee and toast in front the news, or reading the paper. People do that right? My morning is full of snooze buttons, quick chilly showers where I decide what to wear, blowdrying while brushing my teeth and running out the door- one shoe on and one in hand. With a barking dog outside. Then I realize he's not in, so I have to LET him in. Then it's persuading him to his "room" and me out the door, praying it's not too icy. Driving to work through the rush hour annoyance and eating a granola bar in my office while I listen to 50 million voicemails and begin the stress again.


Even though this is a disheartening post- I am actually in quite a fine mood. Minus the whole pain in the... back.


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