Thursday, January 11, 2007

The War at Home

After watching the President's speech last night, I felt agitated. I picked a fight with J, through my tears of memories of what it was like to have him so far away fighting in a "war" that I didn't understand.

I find myself torn. I support our troops and what they do. I am thankful for each soldier who risks his or her life so that the rest of us may rest, safe and secure. Their dedication is far greater than many may ever know and their commitment to each other, and the rest of us, has aways astounded me. They fight through their natural human fear and follow through on their mission, no matter how great the cost may be in the end. And anyone who does not respect them and appreciate them has a fight on their hand if they want to talk to me.

I can remember sitting in a restaraunt listening to two people verbally bash the war. They insulted Bush, but, moreover, they mocked and ridiculed our soldiers. I heard phrases like "Those people just like to fight" and "Just full of anger and testosterone." Yeah. Pretty much awesome people. I said something as I was leaving, but I doubt it did any good and I felt fairly certain they didn't care that my husband was overseas fighting so that they didn't have to.

The other part of me wonders how many more American lives will be lost. American and Iraqi lives, I should say. I feel like we're fighting this open ended battle and that no matter how many people we pour in, more "enemies" will continue to follow- from Syria, Iran, etc. I don't know the solution. We can't just pull our troops out- it would ensure the failure of Iraq. Nothing would make me happier than to see this mission succeed. I was peace for Iraq, to bring our troops home- safe, and to be able to know that my grandchildren will read about this conflict and see a positive resolution. For Iraq to be an example to other nations.

I just worry about the cost of getting there.

I was asked frequently while J was overseas how I felt about the war. It was a hard position to be in. Do I like war? Of course not. Does the President like war? I highly doubt it. Did we get in a situation over our heads... perhaps.

I don't claim to be a political science guru. I don't have the answers. I wouldn't want to be the President. I wish I could be one of those people who has complete faith in the mission. J does. He has faith that what we are doing is right and just and headed for success. And I've always had the attitude that I trusted J's opinions. He was there. He saw both the positive and the negative. He came out of Iraq, a changed person- not for the worse- just changed. He walked away with the Bronze Star Medal of Honor and he walked away from the army (less by choice than by the fact that we couldn't move where he had a job, but don't get me started). You never hear the positive changes in Iraq. I have yet to turn on the news and see a story about all of the schools they are building, the people who are thankful for our presence. It's the only war in the world where the loss of 4 soldiers makes the news. But, on the other hand, if J had been one of those soldiers, my opinion would surely be different. A life is a life and the loss of that life is significant, even if the numbers are not as "high" as we've experienced before.

Tell that to their family.

People have also asked me if J had died, if my opinion might be different. Who can know that? Perhaps it would, but we all must remind ourselves, that this is not a time where men and women drafted. It's a volunteer military. Everyone who signs up, knows the potential, and they must have had the conviction that they wanted to help and serve our country in this way. So, how could I lay blame and fault when they were doing what they loved? But, the point and the truth is, I simply don't know. But I'm glad I never had to figure it out.

So, the point of this babbling post, is to find out others opinions... what did you think about the President's speech? What about the war?


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