Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movin' On Up

I found myself standing in the kitchen, holding a serving platter to my chest, and breathing with my eyes closed.

And I'm only working on my kitchen.

I wasn't sure why I felt so sentimental. If it was the fact that my kitchen is my mecca, or that the serving platter was cool in the heat of my house, or just because it was ours. My kitchen is small. Tiny, in fact, but as I unpack my three million ladels, whisks and strainers (cursing the wedding registry at Bed Bath and Beyond the whole time) it feels like home.

I hate moving. I hate looking around and seeing the boxes. My life thrown together in brown and poorly taped, at that. I like the idea of putting my house together, but I've found, as with most homey tasks- I suck at it. I wake up late because I don't go to bed until morning. I start to unpack. Get Bored. See my laptop/Sex in the City dvds/computer/books (any of the previous will do) and take the bait. All the while I still want my home to look lovely. Which is why today I stopped the procrastination and hit the ground running.

Until the platter incident.

And now this blog.



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