Friday, November 30, 2007

Hey J

There are a million reasons why I love J. Too many in fact to explain in a mere blog post. After J stumbled upon my blog "accidentally" (on purpose) last night and read about the law school guys getting hotter, well, I think his feelings were hurt. In retrospect, the post was meant to be a laugh for my lady friends, as we happened to be talking about guys just then and the ones they thought were "hot." And, although I am happily married, I still can agree as to whether a male is attractive or fugly. So, I posted it. They looked, we laughed and continued on...

Now I feel bad for posting it- for J's hurt feelings. And the fact remains, that the guys in law school aren't even comparable to J. When I first came to law school I got tons of advice, and a lot of it revolved around relationships and friendships with the opposite sex. "Don't get into a study group with guys" "Introduce J to everyone" blah blah blah. But the simple fact of the matter is, that the reason I find it easy to be married and be friends with guys is that none of them hold a candle to my husband. Another friend and I got into a conversation about this, and both of us agreed that, for us at least, the "temptation" we heard so much about prior to law school is nonexistent. My classmates are great and I certainly would set them up with any of my other friends, they're great catches. But, the best part for me, is that I already have a great catch- the best in fact- the SHARK of catches (even in that scary mean way!)- in J.

So, J, hopefully you've taken the time to accidentally-on-purpose meander this way again- and maybe your hurt feelings have mended a bit. Because I don't look at anyone else the way I look at you- because you are my everything. Forever. (like in that scary stalker way... because we both know... "I find you!").

I love you. :)

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