Thursday, January 24, 2008


I never wet the bed. I wasn't afraid of swimming or water, or not being able to touch the bottom. I dove in head first, sink or swim, baby.

I can't remember being scared to stay over at a friend's house, although I recall other friends waking in the night, full of tears and mommies needing to be called. I was resilient.

I wasn't scared of the big boys in the neighborhood- in fact, I punched one of them in the nose.

Seperation never frightened me, I'd talk to strangers, yet not quite trust them. I didn't cry when left with a baby sitter. In fact, I don't remember crying much at all.

I was never afraid of the dark or monsters in my closet.

I've turned into a woman who still doesn't fear much, yet from life experience, should have learned to fear more. When the monster is in your house, not just your closet, your life is changed. You don't fear the superficial things- they don't exist- there's something real- something solid and in front of you- taking precedent. I've carried that with me, even to this day in some ways. Despite all of that I'm still that little girl: unafraid.

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