Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Expectations

While writing/rewriting/erasing/editing my book last night (yes, laugh it up), I got to thinking about romance, about fairy tales, movies and books. Are they setting us up with unachievable expectations?

From the time we are little girls, moms and dads read to us about our knight in shining armor. A man who would come and rescue us from our towers and seek out all the kingdom in order to find his "one true love." They'd brave dragons, storms, sleet and snow (or is that the postal workers?). Either way, you get the point. There was a kiss and implied continued romance at a level so high it makes every little girl and mommy swoon when they hear it.

We watch movies, read chick lit, all telling us about these perfectly romantic men. Men who row a boat out into the middle of a lake, filled with swans and somehow manage to row back in the pouring rain. Men who are so filled with passion and want that it's all they can do not to make love to their leading lady right then and there on the dock. We read books and fill our minds with expectations- Great Expectations.

Was Prince Charming ever, well, not so g.d. charming? Did Mr. Darcy ever stop kissing Elizabeth? Did Westley ever regret "as you wishing" Princess Buttercup?

Or is true romance in the little things- the knowing when you don't want to cook dinner, he orders out. The understanding that you're tired of watching some random kill-the-bad-guy movie, so he switches to Grey's Anatomy (even though he may secretly enjoy it).

I posed these questions to my guy friends today, who responded that what women think is romantic, is not always in line with what is in their mind. Why are we wired so differently? Is it some cosmic joke on the sexes? And they say gay marriage won't work... I'm telling ya, brother, put two guys together or two girls and BAM. Seems like things may get easier...

Either way, I plan to leave my book just the way it is... ridiculous, mushy and unrealistic. Feed the fantasy, ladies... feed the fantasy.


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