Monday, January 28, 2008

A January Night

It's one of those nights. Those nights where I have a million things I have to do, and about a billion others I want to.

I want to play outside. It's one of those rare nights when, even though it's still January, you can trick yourself and make believe spring is here. It smells like my childhood, unless you add beer, then it smells like college. One of those nights when we would get together and play night games, despite the fact that we were all over the age of 20. Nights where friends should be over, sitting on my front porch, drinking wine and beer and laughing until our sides split open. The kind of night J and I can sit outside, him with a cigar, both of us with a glass of whatever, look up at the sky and breath in happiness.

I want to walk down the road to the playground and swing. Run around the fountain that's not working lay in the grass, staring up at the night sky. I want to cook out, eat burgers and let the juice run down my mouth. Disgusting, I know, but I still want it. I want to dip potato chips in potato salad and have my family make fun of me, like they always do.

I want to be at my parents house, sitting out back while my grandpa fries fish. I want to be sitting in the swing, getting up every few minutes to go get another beer for the "chef" while Eddie runs laps in the backyard.

I want to call up friends, invite them over, and forget that J has work tomorrow, and I have classes at 8:30.

I've got a case of the wants. It's that kind of night.

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