Friday, February 29, 2008


Law school is eating my brain.

Maybe my soul, too, but definitely my brain.

I sat here today, staring at my Emanuel's for Contracts and couldn't think of a way to continue writing my outline. Numbers and letters jumbled together and I didn't want to read or write anything anymore.

Instead, I cleaned my house. My hands smell like lysol and pledge (lemon scented, of course). My head hurts from fumes and my back from vaccuming and hauling the vaccum up and down the flights of stairs. My kitchen is spotless again. My floors are mopped. My bathroom shiney.

And now, here I sit.

Staring again at Mr. Emanual and his damn contract.

I started to write and couldn't remember how to spell "of"




This stupidity caused my realization.

Law School is eating my brain.

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