Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Little Girls

two-thirty in the morning, and my gas tank will be empty soon- neon sign on the horizon rubbing elbows with the moon...

Untouchable Face.

The first song I listened to by Ani. We listened to it in your pickup truck, while we were both depressed over someone or another (one of the million “loves” we were so sure about at 17). We spent weekends driving around in a red truck- singing too loudly- drinking beer out of a Kool Aid container from your sister’s graduation party. We’d roll down the windows and confess where we thought we’d be and where we wanted to end up. We both were going to be actresses- together- in New York city. We were going to live together and be random and crazy all the days of our life. We’d fall in love with some man- an artist- who’d drive us crazy with his introspection- a wall street broker- who’d drive us crazy with his suits and plans. We’d always have each other- even when we didn’t have them.

We were crazy together. Insane, emotional, wild girls who flew by the seat of our pants. We never committed to anything- if we showed up we did, or we’d get lost wandering through an empty house we climbed through the window to get in, or lost in the back streets getting to your parent’s greenhouse. I hit your mailbox so many times that the numbers no longer stand up straight if you touch them. We honked every time we drove by each other’s house- along with the other friends we planned to have forever.

You were depressed when I went to school. I missed my partner in crime- my best friend who really got me. Time went on. You moved away. We moved a part. Our lives crossed sporatically, but now exist in two different parts of these United States. We’re both, ironically, doing the same thing, though- married and law students. Still connected in some way.

And every time I listen to Ani, I think of you.


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