Thursday, May 08, 2008

Foot Massage

It's been raining for two days now. Light rain, mostly, with not a peep of my favorite spring thunder and lightening. Not that lightening "Peeps" but you get the point. I stepped in puddles today and not because I was being free-crazy-child Kellie. Nope, just running through the rain and BAM! Suddenly my entire foot is down beneath and sea and my bedazzled (okay, not really bedazzled, but strikingly close) shoe is soaked. Which forced me to walk around barefoot for the rest of the day.

This didn't bother me until halfway through my massage tonight. As I lay under the thin sheet, smelling lovely and listening to New Age-Whatever, it hit me. Soon my masseuse would get to my feet. My potentially dark feet. Potentialy dirty feet. I wanted to sit up. Shout at her "STAY BACK! DON'T TOUCH!" The sad part is that the foot massage is one of my favorite parts of a massage. No, I don't have a foot fetish. I, in fact, hate feet. I hate my own and therefore, I pretty much hate everyone else's as well. I allow only trained professionals and J to rub my feet. The list is limited. But, this being said, I enjoy a good foot rub. My feet virtually always hurt, so i look forward to this part of the massage. But not today. I was dreading it. What would she think? Would she not rub them? I lay, frustrated on my stomach, naked and vunerable and possibly dirty.

"Relax." She said, as she worked on my lower back. I tried, but all I could think about were feet. I tried to listen to the waves splashing from the stereo, as she worked her way down my legs. I sucked in my breath as she got to my feet. She must have heard me.

"Tickleish?" She asked.

"No." I managed to say. She began to rub. I gave in. Let her think I'm dirty. Let her think I don't bathe. Who cares- I'm not paying her to judge me. Why would she judge my anyway? I thought in a huff.

After my massage was over and she had slipped out of room I lay there for a moment, eyes readjusting to the room, dreading that an hour had slipped by so quickly.

Then I pulled my leg up like a gymnast and checked out the bottoms of my feet.


Whew, that was close.


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