Saturday, May 10, 2008


I drew my plans on the sidewalk
with... what else?
Side walk chalk.
With pinks and purples
I sketched my life-
plotted how our paths would cross.
I wiped my brow in
the hot summer heat,
careful not to drip
on my masterpiece.
But as soon as I'd finished
the cloud came by
and she dripped great teardrops
onto my canvas from under her
cloudy grey eyes.

And the colors swirled

and the picture changed

and I saw a new plan unfolding
in a hot summer rain.

I felt your hand on my shoulder
and your lips on my neck
I kissed you in the rain
as we stood in a puddle of what I had sketched-
our watercolored future

We waited for it to dry
to see what it might reveal.
And even though we couldn't make it out
it was more beautiful than I'd dreamed.
it was real.


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