Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Same time, next year

Another year has gone by and here I am, sitting, the night before law school classes are up and running, and I realize I never blog.

I kept word this year and managed to write... a little... The old book is in reworks/rewrites/wtf-was I thinking when I wrote this. The new book is trash, floating in my recycle bin. I'll get to it. I really will.

Check back this time next year.

Life is... content. I am full of wishing right now. I wish I got to church more often, wish I understood antitrust, wish J would get that call we're waiting on, wish I was more creative with my dinner plans, wish fall would finally just get here already. Wish. Wish. Wish. Despite all of these wishes, I think everything seems to be going pretty well.

J and I welcomed a new addition to our little family this summer... a little girl. Her name is Lizzy and she has black hair. Her eyes are huge and her face all wrinkles. I can hear her crying in her room right now as I sit typing this blog. She's adopted from China... as she is a Chinese Pug.

Super cute. I'm in love.

Still battling the law school dragon (can anyone believe I actually own a book called "slaying the law school dragon"? It's for sale... anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, didn't think so). Still trying to balance my life as a student/friend/puppy mama/wife/child etc...

I have wrinkles. They're new. I discovered them this summer. "Crows Feet" I think you call them. Humph.

Other than that... nothing new from us...

What's up out there blog world?


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