Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happiness is...

Very few of us have moment of true happiness. Pure, immense, complete happiness. The kind that makes us want to pause the movie of our life and rewind- replay- re-feel. Charlie Brown found happiness in two kinds of ice cream. Aristotle said happiness is the meaning and purpose of life. Helen Keller said happiness is found in pursuit if a worthy purpose.

My happiness is:

J. He is my most favorite person. The end.

My family. This includes J, my half of the family, my amazing in-laws and the pups. My family makes me happier than any other people I’ve ever known. They make me smile, they build me up and refuse to let me fall. They are the most amazing people I know- the ones I cling to for now and forever.

Friendships that never grow stale. The friends you can talk to, I mean really talk to about things that matter. The friends you can tell nothing and everything to, all in the same hour long-I don’t even want to get off the phone-conversations. The ones you want to go camping with, sitting around a campfire, telling stories and laughing until your belly hurts. Those friendships make me happy.

Cooking and eating good food. And moreover, enjoying it with any of the above listed people.

Making people laugh- I mean, really laugh- at something I’ve said or done. This is enhanced when I’m completely myself, not holding back, being the “me” that I am behind closed doors. Outrageous, emotional, outspoken, sometimes inappropriate, crazy me. It’s who I am. I’m happiest when I get to be that Me.

Fall- it just makes me smile. Sweatshirts and football and fires. All things that make me want to curl up with a good (Jody Picoult is my new fix- she, also, makes me happy) book, relax and smell cinnamon bun candles that I technically didn’t need, but had to buy because, hey! It’s fall!

Doing something good for someone and not telling anyone I’ve done it. It feels more selfless and more satisfying to give of yourself, your time or your money when you don’t get anything back from it- except for that feeling you give yourself.
Mass. It fills my spirit and rejuvenates me.

A million other things are my happiness, it would just take too long to write them.

But, all this being said, I agree with Charlie Brown- two kinds of ice cream. Pistachio and Peppermint are my favorites. What can I say? I’m not a vanilla girl. Never have been and never could be.
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