Monday, September 28, 2009

Beautiful Liar

So, a bit ago I wrote this entry into an journal. At the time I didn't want to post it, in case the subject of this entry was reading my every move... but, I feel safe now to share... My words still ring true...

Nothing changes. People don’t change- they stay the same, just don different clothes and recite the same old tired lines with a new person. People lie. The simple fact of the matter is, you can’t change who you are- the essence of you. You can mask it, hide it, play pretend, but in the end you is you. The longer you try to hide who you really are, the worse off everyone is in the end: you and the person you’ve lied to for so long. The person who has invested so much of themselves, defined themselves, by your lies. The person who trusted, accepted, loved, appreciated and devoted so much time and energy to you. And when you fail them, they fall. Their world collapses and suddenly everything is upside down, inside out and no one can tell right from wrong. Moving forward becomes an uphill battle and the choices become clearer the more you climb… Either they will accept the “truth” (whatever that is) or they cut ties.

This is why you are alone. This is why you always will be alone. This is the fucking truth.

When someone tells you who they are- believe them. This might be the only time it’s not a lie.
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